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We work with you
This may be your golden opportunity to re-establish your credit...recover from overwhelming debt...or consolidate your high-interest debt into one easy, low-interest monthly payment. Because you may qualify for a mortgage at an affordable rate! We specialize in helping homeowners repair their credit... putting them on the road to recovery.
Even if you've been turned down for a home loan before - or don't think you can qualify
-we can help!
Our professional staff works with you! Our mortgage programs include a variety of financing options...competitive interest rates...personalized service... We realize that everyone is different. That's why we treat you like an individual - on a one-to-one basis. And it's why our Mortgage Professionals work with you every step of the way. Because everyone has different incomes, asset bases and credit histories.
You may be able to qualify for our loan programs even if you fall into any of the categories below:
  Mortgage Lates
  Liens, Charge offs
  Collection accounts
  Medical bills
  No credit
  Too many bills
  Unemployed or laid off
  Turned down by a bank
  Don't wait! Apply Now!
Not sure what credit grade (A, B, C, D) you fall into?
Our online credit grader can rate your credit in a few simple steps!
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